Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How Exciting! It's Jeffy's Big Day Today

                                        Good Day World!

Attorney General, Jeff "the Elf" Sessions, is sweating a lot these days.

No wonder. He's been on the run ever since Comey brought his name up as part of the Russian investigation last week.

Today he's appearing before The Senate Intelligence Committee to testify about his involvement in the firing of James Comey...and more.

At the last minute Jeffy agreed to let it be a public hearing after pressure from the Democrats. 

Running and hiding. Jeffy was scheduled to publicly testify before the House Appropriations Committee (the one he sits on) twice, but cancelled both times.

The reason was obvious. 

Senator Patrick Leahy has it out for Jeffy tweeting, "Atty Gen Sessions provided false testimony in response to questions from me."

I loved Leahy's warning to Jeffy, "You can run, but you can't hide."

We'll find out today about that.

Jeffy is now on borrowed time. One way, or the other, he's going to lose his job, as investigators uncover his complicity in this whole Russian mess.

He may lose it before the investigation goes too far. Daddy Trump has been mad at him - especially lately. He's seeing Jeffy as a liability, and when that happens it doesn't matter if you were the first senator to endorse the Donald - you're fired!

Wouldn't it be interesting if Jeffy made a deal with the Justice Department where he could deflect any liability (such as treason) towards himself by ratting Trump out?

I'd pay bigly for a seat to that hearing...

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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