Monday, June 12, 2017

Donny Won't Visit England If People Aren't Nice To Him

Good Day World!

Donny Little-Hands isn't going to visit Britain until everyone there promises to be nice to him.

Trump recently contacted Britain's Theresa May by phone and said that he won't come to visit if there were going to be large-scale protests.

That thin-skinned condition effectively put the visit on hold forever.

Millions of Britain's can sleep good now, knowing that the Mango Mussolini won't be sitting in a carriage with the Queen. 

Earlier this year, the Brits put together an online petition requesting the government not let Chump visit.

It was signed by millions, which kind of put the government in an awkward position.

May had already offered an invitation to visit.

But it looks like little Donny won't be coming by anytime soon since the majority of Brits hate him and will make it a field day if he dares to show up.

I can almost understand Stump's position. 

He's fully aware the Brit's hate him, and the government can't stop protests, unlike when he was in Saudi Arabia where protesters lose their heads and are rarer than the fabled Dodo bird.

I can see this becoming a trend. Rump won't be able to visit countries like France and Germany (where he's deeply unpopular) because there will be mass protests.

It'll get to the point that the only countries Rump can visit
will be totalitarian ones with a strong grip on their people. It's enough to bust a narcissists chops.

Lump the Showman isn't enjoying his real life worldwide audience. There's a difference between fans of his TV show, and the entire rest of the world.

White House apologizers like Sean Spicer and KellyAnne Conway spend a lot of time lamenting how unpopular their boss is and how unfair the media is to him.

I'm pretty sure there's a good reason why. The man is senile, a racist, a liar, and also quite nuts!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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