Sunday, April 2, 2017

Story Time In Trump Land: Someone Has a Whopper To Share

Good Day World!

Once upon a time...

not so long ago, Trump claimed if someone asked for immunity they had something bad to hide. 

During one of his campaign rallies Michael Flynn - who was Chump's security advisor during the campaign - joined in and repeated the accusation; "If you want immunity you must have something to hide."

Flash forward.

Story time.

The now disgraced former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, who Stump appointed, has asked for immunity in return for telling "an interesting story."

His lawyer claims, "He's got a story to tell." Doesn't that sound delicious?

It's not clear who is involved in the story, but Flynn is frantically trying to cover his ass since he got fired for lying to Pence. That's another story that bears investigating.

At this time no one is interested in granting Flynn immunity. It's not that the Senate Intelligence Committee doesn't want to hear his story - they're just not prepared to offer him immunity for it.

According to a declassified intelligence assessment, it was in March when Russian hackers “began cyber operations aimed at the U.S. election.” 

It was at that time it became clear that Hillary Clinton was emerging as the Democratic nominee. The same was true for Lump who was consolidating his core.

The million-dollar question is, did members of the Trump campaign help the Russians hack the Democratic National Committee and chairman John Podesta, or help Russia attack Hillary in any other ways?

Is that the story Flynn wants to tell?

As Lump's close confidant, Flynn would have known if there was collusion with the Russians. If so, Flynn must also know that he's now a target.

During the Senate Intelligence hearing last week one of the experts on Russia testified that eight Russians - with connections to the Bump campaign - have died mysterious deaths. 

Law enforcement sources say one theory is that Trump associates could have been motivated by money.

But classified sources said the FBI wants to get the investigation absolutely right so that the public will trust the result, whatever that turns out to be.

That sounds good to me. As long as the result isn't another story masking another reality.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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