Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mental Health Professionals Breaking 'Goldwater Rule' To Warn Public About Trump

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I was thinking about a Republican presidential candidate - not named Trump - who was seen as "too emotionally unstable" by millions of Americans.

Unlike Trump, this candidate wasn't able to survive the crazy label and get elected.

It happened back in 1964 when opponents of Republican candidate Barry Goldwater mocked his slogan, "In Your Heart You Know He's Right," with a slogan of their own, "In your guts You Know He's Nuts."

It didn't just stop there.

A magazine called Fact published a poll of 2,417 psychiatrists who said that Goldwater was "psychologically unfit" to be president. Straight up.

Sound familiar? 

Numerous major news outlets have run columns, new stories, and broadcast segments interviewing psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who raise questions about Trump’s emotional health, sanity, and fitness to serve as president.

The Opinion of Leading Psychologists is That Trump is Mentally Deranged

In addition to that 1964 poll, the magazine did a survey of 38 psychiatrists' and their comments included calling Goldwater a dangerous lunatic, "paranoid" and "emotionally unstable," as well as saying that he had an "impulsive quality" and a "Godlike Self-Image."

As Trump continues to show the world how thin-skinned he is via ridiculous tweets that do everything from violate national policies, to outright lying about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, you have to wonder how the guy got elected in the first place.

Despite an almost universal agreement not to weigh in on presidential politics - the Goldwater Rule - mental health professionals have decided to speak out and share their concerns.

Americans may have dodged a bullet when Barry Goldwater was declared "a nut," but unfortunately a real nut got elected this time around.

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