Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Mr. 'Art of the Deal' Can't Stop Jobs From Leaving The Country: And Now a 'Trump Slump' in Tourism

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Another Liar-In-Chief campaign promise is quietly slipping into the quagmire of chaos that has come to define his bumbling administration.

Remember how Chump boasted about stopping jobs from leaving the country when he was elected? How he would be the "Job Creator?" 

Reality is bumping up against rhetoric.

The exodus of American businesses leaving the country continues, and to pour salt on the wound, Rump's immigration ban attempts have hurt the tourism industry, costing billions of dollars in revenue.

'Trump Slump': Could Well Mean Over $10 Billion Per Year In Lost Tourism Revenues 

Nothing about Trump’s boast to save jobs has anything to do with reality. As Bloomberg reports:
Illinois Tool Works Inc. will close an auto-parts plant in Mazon, Illinois, this month and head to Ciudad Juarez. Triumph Group Inc. is reducing the Spokane, Washington, workforce that makes fiber-composite parts for Boeing Co. aircraft and moving production to Zacatecas and Baja California. TE Connectivity Ltd. is shuttering a pressure-sensor plant in Pennsauken, New Jersey, in favor of a facility in Hermosillo...etc.
As U.S Jobs Flee The Country, One of Trump's Biggest Campaign Promises Is Already Going Down In Flames

Stung by the blow back from his own party, Dump has changed his mind about raising tariffs on incoming goods. He's also backed off (at least for now) renegotiating NAFTA.

U.S. Companies Still Leaving For Mexico Despite Trump

It isn't just American companies relocating abroad, there is also a growing number of professionals - skilled immigrants - who are considering leaving the U.S. because of Hump's hate-based attacks against them.

Stump's core supporters truly believed what the orange vulgarian said on the campaign trail about creating jobs and stopping them from leaving the country.

I don't feel sorry for them. Lump's supporters chose to ignore who he really was, despite mounds of evidence that proved he was a con man and habitual liar.

As Bump slowly unravels under the increasing pressure of investigations (three right now) looking at connections between his team and Russia, expect more smoke and mirrors from the America's first illegitimate president.

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