Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump and Xi Do Have Something In Common: Nepotism

Nepotism: The practice among those in power or influence of favoring relatives and friends, especially giving them jobs.

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Nepotism in the news;

When Trump met with China's leader Xi at his "Winter White House/and his profitable private golf club" the two had one thing in common;

The both firmly believe in nepotism.

Zhang Haibin, a professor of international relations at Peking University in Beijing recently told reporters, "Chinese people love nepotism, we’re very good at it. We have been using social networks and influential relationships to facilitate business and political dealings for thousands of years."

While Xi has tried to avoid signs of nepotism as he undertakes a widespread anti-corruption campaign, reports have emerged that his family members became wealthy as he rose through the ranks.

Chump's family was already rich. That didn't prevent patriarch Stump from wanting to get richer and to satisfy his thirst for power and acclaim.

As we all know Rump has made his son-on-law Jared Kushner the second most powerful man in the White House. His daughter Ivanka has moved into the White House circle (without pay) but privy to national secrets as his "...eyes and ears."  

His sons get to leech off the government while pursuing their business interests worldwide. They're supposedly running the Trump organization, but most people know better.

Trump is still firmly in charge of the family business despite violating the Constitution (Emolument clause).

In a Forbes interview published last month, Eric Trump inadvertently admitted that he does discuss “the bottom line, profitability reports [of the Trump Organization] and stuff like that” with his father - clumsily disclosing how ethically inappropriate his family’s business ties are now that his father occupies the White House.

As these two world leaders talk they'll at least have something in common - nepotism. Without golf to break the ice (Xi thinks it's a shady practice) they can talk about their families.

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