Sunday, March 26, 2017

No Coincidence Trump's Budget Was Released on the Anniversary of the My Lai Massacre

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Someone in the White House believes in symbolism and used it to send a message when Trump released his budget on the anniversary of the My Lai Massacre.

U.S. militarism is taken for granted, and Chump is in lock-step with the War Machine, aka the Military Industrial Complex. Motto: War is a means to make money.

Hump didn't come into office to challenge the necessity of dirty little wars and "actions" globally. He had no intention of upsetting the applecart after 40 years of no challenges to the corrupt system. 

Author, "Maya Schenwar writes at Truthout, "The way in which U.S. militarism is taken for granted mirrors the ways in which other forms of mass violence are deemed inevitable -- policing, deportation, the genocide and erasure of Indigenous peoples, the exploitative market-driven health care system, the vastly inequitable education system and disastrous environmental policies. 

The generally accepted logic tells us that these things will remain with us: The best we can hope for, according to this narrative, is modest reform amid monstrous violence.

 The corporate media grants legitimacy to state violence more by what it doesn't say than by what it does. Bombed mosques simply disappear from the news and, voila, they never happened. Liars had a global forum to promote the invasion of Iraq, while those who questioned it had to loose their outrage from street corners. "Collateral damage" is a linguistic blur, a magician's cape, hiding mass murder."

A look at Rump's proposed budget, where military spending gets a huge increase ($52 billion) at the expense of numerous domestic programs for Americans, seals the deal between him and the American War Machine.

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