Wednesday, March 29, 2017

It's Official: The Race To Plunder Natural Resources Without Restrictions Is Given A Green Light

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There was a gathering of rich white men witnessing Trump disable another part of America's safety infrastructure yesterday.

With them stood six coal miners looking awkwardly on. The Plunderer-In-Chief then gave one of them an ink pen - not the one that actually signed the document.

It was a done deal. Chump trashed all regulations and made it possible for corporations to go back to impudently polluting our nation's environment in the name of "good business."

By signing another boneheaded executive order, Stump has opened the doors to a nationwide push to plunder our natural resources.

The so-called "Energy Independence" order will also reverse a ban on coal leasing on federal lands, undo rules to curb methane emissions from oil and gas production, and reduce the weight of climate change and carbon emissions in policy and infrastructure permitting decisions.

Here's the thing, an overwhelming majority of scientists believe that human use of oil and coal for energy is the main driver of climate change, causing a damaging rise in sea levels, droughts, and more frequent violent storms.

That puke Rump appointed to carry out this attack on our environment, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, claims more jobs will be provided while still "protecting the environment."

Anyone who believes that also probably believes Obama tapped Trump Tower and Senator Ted Cruz's father was in on the plot to kill JFK.

In other words, a trumpanzee.

Supporters of our environment don't plan on letting Don the Con stomp all over them. There will be resistance to this assault on our natural resources.

Industry experts say trying to make fossil fuels remain competitive in the face of a booming clean renewable power sector, with the clean air and plentiful jobs it continues to generate, is going against the flow of economics.

Solar energy has surpassed all other forms of electrical generation and employs more people according to the Energy Department.

Wind and solar are proving to be what we needed to reverse pollution and maintain liveable air quality. 

We’re already well into a new era. But many new regulators and policymakers under the Thump regime aren't acting like it.

Wind and Solar Are Our Cheapest Electricity Generation Sources: Now What Do We Do?

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