Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekend Getaways to Mar-A-Lago Cost Taxpayers Millions and Enriches Trump At The Same Time

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The news today is coming to you from the White House Mar-A-Lago...

It's slowly dawning on people that another one of Trump's campaign promises is nothing more than a pile of dogshit.

Remember Stump calling out Obama on travel expenses during the elections? He claimed he wouldn't have time to leave the White House on weekends because he would be too busy.

Consider this; the Obama administration averaged $8 million a year in travel. In Chump's first 30 days he exceeded that amount to the tune of $12 million.

And it's only going up.

Every time Stump decides to spend a weekend at his "Winter White House" taxpayers are dinged $3 million bucks and additional local costs that are hurting the local economy (conservative estimate).

The costs keep mounting. Hump's weekend getaways are pissing off residents in Palm Beach. For good reason.

Dave Kerner, a county commissioner for Palm Beach's third district, is asking the county’s attorney office to explore making Mar-a-Lago’s owner (Trump) reimburse the county for “special benefits” given to the resort.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office says that the county has spent $570,000 to help security and other measures to protect Trump during his presidency, and that doesn't include overtime pay. 

Altogether, the bill comes to well over $1 million in Trump-related costs incurred by the county over the past few months.

Here's the kicker...Trump/Feds won't reimburse the county.

As a result, Kerner says he has no choice but to find another avenue to seek reimbursement, and charging Mar-a-Lago looks like the best option.

Palm County is currently $40 million in debt and is fighting a devastating heroin epidemic. Talk about sad. 

It's bad enough that he's draining the treasury with his weekend romps (seven out of nine weeks) but that's only part of this story.

Dump is making bank on his resort.

Can you say emoluments? 

He's doubled membership fees for Mar-A-Lago to $200,000 a year, and is in the process of making it a must destination for anyone seeking political or foreign influence and connections.

It's a financial boon to Lump because - as we all know - he still owns it and is involved with his business empire despite the dog-an-pony show his lawyer gave to the contrary two months ago.

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