Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Comey Confirms Investigation Of Trump Team and Russian Connections: Wiretapping Allegation is Bullshit

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Watching the hearing of the House Intelligence Committee yesterday was like witnessing a crudely executed ballet.

The main actor, FBI Director James Comey, tiptoed around most answers. Questions were thrown out like lighting bolts from Valhalla with no hope of being answered, but at least being put on record.

What I do know is that Comey said no one wiretapped Trump Tower. Especially not President Obama with the help of a British spy agency.

Another definitive thing I discovered was that Russia has been formally accused of interfering with our presidential election, and there's a sidebar investigation looking at connecting ties with the Trump campaign and Russia.

The rest of yesterday's theatrics came from flustered Republican's doing everything they could to discredit the information they were given.

The Democrats had a pretty good time going after everyone from Trump to Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, and Mike Flynn. It was open season.

Political historian Matthew Dallek, a professor at George Washington University, told reporters, "The charges involved are more serious than anything we've seen in recent decades."

"While we obviously don’t know what evidence the FBI has assembled and whether anybody will ever be charged with a crime, the scope of the investigation appears to encompass at least several of Trump’s chief advisers and perhaps Trump himself."

History is being made. Americans are fighting back against Russia's intrusions and an illegitimate president. No amount of lies will clear these new clouds over Chump's corrupt administration.

His deflections are getting more desperate. His last attempt - claiming Obama wiretapped him - was declared false (okay, Comey said he could find no evidence it happened). Every intel agency in the country agrees.

A big target has been drawn on The Donald's toupee (and his minions) and there will be hell to pay!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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