Friday, March 24, 2017

No Deal Donny! Last Ditch Effort For TrumpCare Fails!

Good Day World!

The Trump train was hurtling toward the abyss yesterday and only managed to stop from derailing by calling a time out.

TrumpCare wasn't going anywhere with the Republican party.

 Members savaged each other like hyenas trying to strike backdoor deals to save the rambling wreck Donny Little Hands was promoting.

But Mr. Art-Of-The Deal failed.

Even if it would have passed, TrumpCare was dead-on-arrival in the senate.

That according to Republican senators who made it clear they weren't taking a ticking time-bomb. 

Chump's hubris is off the charts

He assumed he could con enough people to pass a piece-of-shit legislation. As he's finding out, politics is another game - one in which he's failing at daily.

Selling real estate is not like selling a major health program to wary politicians.

Chump's chances of passing any legislation are going to be an upward battle. The irony of it all is that the battle is between Republicans. 

Today the Trump train got derailed. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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