Tuesday, August 9, 2016

GPS Armageddon Coming? People Are a Jamming And a Spoofing And That Isn't Good!

Good Day World!

Road rage is a growing problem on our highways today. 

Most of us have heard about it. 

But, did you know that there's an even bigger problem out there on those endless miles of highways? 

Electronic warfare has come home to America's byways and highways. Our homes and cars are under assault along with numerous other devices we take for granted.

Criminals, rogue employees and even otherwise law-abiding citizens are using illegal jamming devices to overpower GPS (Globalized Positioning System), cellphone and other electronic signals over localized areas.

You know what's really scary?

Experts are warning that the critical space-based navigational, positional and timing network, is threatened by an escalating amount of destructive spoofing devices that have become available to anyone.

Spoofing devices trick GPS receivers by faking satellite signals in order to manipulate the system to their advantage.

The result is sophisticated and unsophisticated criminals are stealing from you by attacking everyday devices that you use. 

Garage door openers become easy entry for thiefs, and drug traffickers use jammers to foil electronic surveillance by law enforcement or rival gangs.

The list goes on. America's infrastructure from energy to Wall Street depends upon GPS systems.

U.S. authorities has been aware of these vulnerablities for some time, but the problem appears to be growing. The government has been slowly working to address broader GPS vulnerabilities.

Slowly is the operative word.

The good news is that there's a multi agency Space-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing Executive Committee know as ExCom, that's been working for years on a GPS backup solution that would make jamming and spoofing of GPS more difficult.

Here's hoping nothing critical happens to our infrastructure meanwhile.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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