Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A 'Dark Horse' Arrives in Presidential Race at the 11th Hour

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Has our presidential election got strange enough for you yet?

After both major political parties fielded the two worst candidates in presidential election history, a dark horse is galloping out of the right-wing hoping to challenge Trump in some key states at the 11th hour. 

The dark horse is a veteran CIA officer - Evan McMullin running on  the Independent Party ticket. (photo above)

The guy (shades of Vladimir Putin) has never run for public office before, but that doesn't bother the #NeverTrump contingent of the Republican party that's backing McMullin's candidacy.

Donald Trump has single-handedly destroyed the Republican party like a big kid playing too roughly with his toys. 

Does McMullin stand a chance of winning?

Not likely. There's 27 states that have closed the door to the ballot box already.

What McMullin will do is contest Trump in Utah and other Mormon-heavy states (Arizona and Nevada) because - SURPRISE - he's a Mormon, and Republican Mormon voters loath the Donald.

His job would be to stop Trump by peeling away possible voters, and helping the GOP down ticket.

All this is just another twist in the high stakes drama that will affect future generations of Americans. 

Toss in scathing personal insults among contenders; a reality show host whose found himself thrust into a political limelight of which he knows nothing; a candidate's wife plagiarizing her campaign speech; attacks against Gold Star families; white supremacists backing a candidate; and accusations of the election being rigged before voting has even begun...

and you have a glimpse into Presidential Campaign 2016; a truly strange journey into chaos for the American voter.

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