Wednesday, June 8, 2016

'Trump Detox Center' Will Be Federally Funded

Good Day World!

Meanwhile in a parallel universe...

In a rare bi-partisan agreement, The House of Representatives passed a resolution today to fund a national "Trump Detox Center."

Trump followers unable to reconcile that their Donnie lost have been causing chaos in the country. They need mental health care to get over their trumpery addiction .

They can be seen wandering mindlessly through stores and public places muttering to themselves about "...making America Great Again."

Trumpetts are reporting a series of problems to counselors as they try to grasp the reality that the White House won't be re-named the Trump House.

The senate is expected to quickly pass the resolution and to send the bill to President Clinton's desk, ready for approval by Friday. 
Under an emergency contingent by Congress the national construction funds and staff funding are expected to be available within a week!

Anyone who voted for Trump that needs (and wants) mental health care to deal with The Donald's political loss (and conviction for ripping people off with his Trump University scam in California) will be offered help FREE of charge.

Want to get that Orange-Kool aid out of your system? A "Trump Detox Center" will be coming your way soon!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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