Friday, June 10, 2016

Going In The Wrong Direction: Students, Cheaters, And Swat Teams

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Nine million students taking the "gaokao" (China's national university test exam) are hoping to get high tests scores this week because their future literally depends upon it.

The test exams are distributed throughout the country by SWAT teams. You read that right.

Exam test papers were delivered by a police SWAT team in Beijing for the first time this year and at least eight police officers guarded each test center, according to state media.

Why, you wonder?

Because the Chinese have a problem with students cheating on their exams. Any students caught cheating risk going to prison for as long as seven years, the official Xinhua news agency recently reported.

Count yourself lucky of you're a student in America where prison sentences aren't given to student cheaters.It's a good thing too because we have more than our share of them.

I've been reading about how well financially our universities are doing with the influx of international students. But there's a dark side to those students.

A recent Wall Street Journal analysis said that international students are five times more likely to cheat in U.S. universities than domestic students.

And guess which country sends the most cheaters?


I'm not sure what to make of that. Cheating in American high schools is already widespread if not endemic. And it usually works according to an ABC News Primetime poll. 

Maybe those Chinese students know that the consequences are minor if caught cheating in universities across America. Or, more likely, it's just a cultural thing in a society that sets such high standards. 

I wonder what it'll take to turn the tide of international and domestic cheaters in our education system? 

Note to NRA: Don't even think about putting SWAT teams in our schools to catch cheaters! You're already trying hard enough to bring guns on campuses now.

Perhaps we ought to encourage our teachers to build up more student loyalty - as well as how to guard against cheating? At least it would be a baby step in the right direction.

There's no doubt that we're going in the wrong direction right now.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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