Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sexism Sells: Presidential Race Is A Gold Mine

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I think we can all agree this is one of the nastiest presidential races in America's history.

Vicious personal attacks by presidential candidate, Donald Trump, have opened the door all the way to selling sexism via politics. We already know that sexism is rampant in the advertising industry, selling products from clothing to food.

Now people are making a lot of money calling Hillary Clinton every name in the book. Entrepreneurs are seizing the moment and are gladly providing more fuel for Trump's sexist campaign attacks.

Sexism sells. Politicians have been using the gender card for decades.

This election however, has become a coming out party for corruption and crass sexist comments on steroids.

Entrepreneurs like Sam Constantino have discovered that the anti-Trump stuff is not selling. In a recent interview he said "that it's just the anti-Hillary stuff that's selling."

Constantino estimates that Hillary merchandise is 100 times more popular and it's the sexualized, gender-specific stuff that sells best! 

Here's two recent Top Button sellers: "Hillary will go down faster than Bill's pants," and "Trump that Bitch."

When Hillary ran in 2008, she faced a more subtle brand of sexism. Cable news pundits debated whether or not she was "nagging" and made jokes about how her voice made men want to "cross their legs."

This election cycle all pretense at masking sexists comments has been dropped in favor of ratings and sales. I suspect those angry white men who comprise the core of Trump followers are the main sales target.

It's all about capitalism and the decline of civility in our society. Sexism sells. It joins other sleasy sales markets in our country like racism (which has sold for years).

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