Saturday, February 20, 2016

'Who Is The Biggest Liar' Reality Show Cancelled Because It's Been Too One-Sided

Good Day World!

I'm sorry to say that "Who Is The Biggest Liar" reality show - aka Republican pre-primary presidential campaign tactics - has been cancelled because of lack of competition.

It's just been too one-sided. 

Like watching a basketball slam dunk competition between LaBron James and Justin Bieber. Or, a contest to see who can throw the football further between Tom Brady and Pee Wee Herman.

With a world-class round-up of liars I really thought the premise of pitting them against one another would be entertaining and competitive.

I have to admit I thoroughly underestimated Donald Trump's ability to brazenly lie and then double down on the lie when confronted with facts.

Because Trump wakes up and starts his day Twittering trash, his breathlessly brazen fabrications have been flooding media outlets daily.

In a society where politicians routinely throw shit up against walls hoping it will stick, Trump has managed to stand out with his enormous ego and ability to use fear to gather devotees.

As good as Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio are at telling falsehoods, they're minor leaguers compared to The Donald.  

So today, with heavy heart, I'm cancelling what might have been an awarding-winning reality show. I guess that's show business/politics for you!

Time for me to walk on down the road...  

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