Sunday, February 21, 2016

'Whiteness History Month' - A Constructive or Destructive Discussion?

Good Day World!

What's the best way to talk about race and racism in America?

If I knew that answer I'd probably win all kinds of prizes, but the fact is there is no definitive way to talk about race without getting someones hackles up before the conversation even starts.

Have you ever read, or heard, comments by white people who question why this country has to have "Black Awareness Days" or "Black History" Months?"

The conversation gets salty and goes south fast. I live in Oregon where another controversy on race is brewing like the fine craft beers the state is known for.

How do you think a "Whiteness History Month" is going to go over with people? Portland Community College (PCC) has designated April for the new initiative.

"Whiteness History Month" is about the study of whiteness, it's origins as a social construct, and it's impact on society, according to the project's website. The project has already become controversial online.

It's biggest critics are calling the endeavor an attack on white people and white culture. Dave Blount at Right Wing News said the program was all about "dismantling whiteness."

The American Conservative called the project "Hate Whitey Month," and said it was "plainly designed to convince students to despise themselves and their culture."

I can't see many, if any (I hope you went to the project's website with the link I provided earlier to determine for yourself) real benefits coming from this project.

Just more racial divide.

Maybe I'm wrong. I'm no professor of sociology, or expert on society's ills. Let's see how wrong I am at the end of April.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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