Tuesday, February 16, 2016

When I Was in the Nam, Feb. 1970: Videos - CBS Follows Combat Patrol & Ironic Documentary

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A friend of mine recently sent me this news clip (CBS NEWS) about Vietnam in 1970; the year I was there.

It's interesting footage actually showing a platoon on a combat patrol. 
The striking thing to me is the fact that the platoon -  Alpha Troop 1- was operating near the Cambodian border somewhere between February (this month 47 years ago) and March of 1970.

Vietnam War, 1970: CBS camera rolls as platoon comes under fire

The footage really took me back to those dark days. You get a very intimate look at what it was like on patrols, and you'll witness an ambush.

In late May, I was part of a combined force of Americans and South Vietnamese that crossed the Cambodian border in search of enemy headquarters.

I lost my best friend in an ambush in Cambodia in similar circumstances. Instead of patrolling, we were carrying out arms and food from an underground bunker when a lone sniper lit us up!

That sniper also got away.

In closing I want to share one more film from 1970 in Vietnam. Probably the most ironic documentary you've ever seen.

John Pilger - Vietnam - The Quiet Mutiny [1970]

It's a great look at my world there (I was attached to the 9th Cavalry Division during that time (photo above) this was filmed prior to going into Cambodia). I was a rebellious 19-year old who just wanted to go home.
Note: I was in the 31st Eng Battalion, 79th Engineer Brigade - EOD

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