Monday, July 27, 2015

Town Creates Magna Carta for Animals, Giving Them Rights

Good Day World!

Big news today for animals.

And animal lovers.

Trigueros del Valle, a small town in Spain, has voted to give dogs and cats the same rights as their human owners. The town is the first in the world to extend such rights to animals.

The bill also bans bull fighting, and “any action that causes the mutilation or death of a non-human resident.” Bull fighting has long been a hot topic in Spain amongst animal rights activists and there is hope that this landmark ruling could spread to other towns.


For the first time in US history, a judge has decreed that a pair of chimpanzees held at a university research facility are covered by the same laws that govern the detention of humans, effectively rendering the animals as legal "people" in the eyes of the law.

New York Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe said that the apes, held at Stony Brook University for research purposes, are covered by a writ of habeas corpus — a basic legal principle that lets people challenge the validity of their detention.

According to Science, the judge who said that a pair of chimpanzees were covered by a writ of habeas corpus has amended her court order to remove that wording.

The chimps fate awaits a final ruling.

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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