Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hunting for food is one thing, hunting for ‘sport’ is another!

Local authorities allege that Cecil the lion was lured from a protected area and killed in early July, and Zimbabwean conservationists said Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer allegedly paid $50,000 to kill the lion. Two Zimbabwean men are scheduled to appear in court for their role in the hunt. (Screen grab from YouTube)

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I don’t see anything wrong with hunting animals to eat. While I’m not a hunter, I can see the rational behind killing an animal to put food on your table.

It’s the hunters who kill just for the so-called sport of murdering an animal that disgust me. They hang animals heads as trophy’s of their one-sided hunts. They take pictures next to dead animals to show what tough guys they are.

What really riles me is hunters who pay to kill protected species like lions. An American tourist recently killed, one of the oldest and most famous lions in Zimbabwe, without a permit after paying $50,000 to two people who lured the beast to its death.

The two men have been arrested for poaching. They weren’t real guides. And as for that hero who shot Cecil the lion, he’s back in the states with Cecile’s head and skin hiding somewhere right now.

Big game hunter Walter James Palmer, a dentist in Minnesota (who closed his doors after this incident), has killed other protected species in the past.

Palmer who has a felony record in the U.S. related to shooting a black bear in Wisconsin, is being sought on poaching charges, but Palmer said he hasn't heard from U.S. or Zimbabwean authorities yet.

Laury Parramore of the Fish and Wildlife Service said the agency is "currently gathering facts about the issue and will assist Zimbabwe officials in whatever manner requested."

According The Associated Press, citing the Minnesota Board of Dentistry, the dentist was also the subject of a sexual harassment complaint settled in 2006. He admitting no wrongdoing and agreed to pay a former receptionist more than $127,000, the AP said.

He was also convicted in Minnesota court in 2003 for fishing without a license.

The takeaway:

As long as you have enough money you can get away with anything. Even murder.

It’s sickening to me to see this dentist whose dreams are nightmares for unprotected animals. One can only speculate how many small animals he murdered while growing up.

If it’s that hard for the guy to get an erection (must kill something big) he should be taking little blue pills for the problem – not hunting animals.

I don’t see a sportsman in Palmer. I see a coward collecting animal parts to boost his ego.


Cecil the Lion's Death by Walter James Palmer May Result in 10 Cubs Killed

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