Tuesday, July 28, 2015

About Trump Bumps, Calling Competitors Chumps, and GOP Lumps!

Satire: The imaginary history of Donald Trump’s previous runs for president.

                                     Good Day World!

It’s a hot summer full of Incinerating political comments.

The great race to select our next Commander-in-Chief started like a small brush fire, but quickly became a full-on forest fire when Donald Trump declared he was running for president.

There’s nothing inspirational coming from any of the candidates. Instead would-be voters are invited to sit back, eat popcorn, and watch trumped-up dramas unfold like soap operas.

Donald Trump who owns the headlines is burning the Republican brand like an arsonist armed with a flame-thrower. The GOP is withering away under the extreme heat caused by Trump’s racist and anti-POW comments.

Fellow Republicans are turning on one another like piranha - either defending or attacking The Donald. Jeb Bush, a front-runner is suddenly losing ground to Trump. He seems dazed and confused. Reminds me of his brother.

Trump has dumped on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, John McCain, Lindsey Graham to name a few.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is trying to get attention by emulating Trumps bombastic style.

Trump gets a bump in the presidential polls right now in some primary states, but the numbers are meaningless. As are all the national polls right now.

You just have a group of people who don’t mind being polled a year before elections, and a good percentage of them are pissed off at the status quo. As for the general electorate, they’re sitting back and watching the circus/popularity polls.

From the fires a new president will emerge…

What could possibly go wrong?

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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