Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Martian Confesses: ‘I Only Identify With Humans’

Good Day World!

In the spirit of Rachael Dolezal, and any other creature wannabes, I only identify with humans. Because I’m Martian by birth shouldn’t even be considered a factor, if I say it isn’t.

The fact that my skin is red could have come from constant sunburns. Or, for all you know I’m native American.

So why is everyone making a big deal about how a living thing presents itself? Human or Martian? Black or White? Why so uptight?

All folks here on earth need to know is that I’ve always identified with humans - even when I got strange urges to eat their flesh covered in chocolate - during puberty.

I’ve always identified with middle class humans and the many challenges they face in this world. I’ve always felt their pain – despite the fact Martians don’t feel pain – in my head. My imagination.

I’ve only done positive social things – despite hiding my alienisms – in the last 64 years. As a newspaper editor and publisher, I always stayed neutral, never trying to convince my readers Martians were already living here on earth.

Because I cut all my Martian ties 35 years ago, they don’t exist. It’s kind of complicated, but take my word for it…

Time for me to walk on down the road…      

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