Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Donald Trump’s Hair Raising Announcement

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By now you’re aware that Donald Trump is running for president – the jokes have been coming so hard and fast his toupee keeps sliding off after Tuesdays announcement.

That makes a dozen Republicans officially running for a seat in the Oval Office in 2016.

I think it goes without saying that Trump is NOT going to be the last candidate standing for the Republican Party. So what’s his reason for even running?

If you listen to the pundits they’ll tell you Trump’s interest in politics seems aimed at gaining attention, not addressing serious issues. Don’t be surprised when he uses his candidacy to take personal potshots at the other candidates, particularly Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, instead of discussing policy.

Through repeatedly flirting with presidential runs in the past and now following through, the real estate mogul has become an influential person in national politics.

He's frequently a keynote speaker at Republican events like the Conservative Political Action Conference. He's treated as a serious candidate, appearing on-stage at GOP events before or after people who could in truth be the Republican nominee, like Bush and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

In reality, polls are often simply a test of fame.

Trump has an NBC tv show ("The Apprentice") and a chain of hotels named after him. He is ahead of some other Republican candidates simply because he is better-known. In a one-on-one contest between Trump and Rubio, the former would be trounced, as Republican voters learned more about both men's records and policy stances.

The only thing we can expect from Trump during this presidential campaign is that he’s going to upset apple carts repeatedly – it makes for good ratings.

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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