Friday, May 22, 2015

New Reality Show: Handling Sharks for Christ!

Good Day World!

Reality show addicts rejoice.

I know many of you are really disappointed by the news that National Geographic Channel’s “Snake Salvation” is not coming back next season.

There’s a good reason.

Pastor Gregory Jamie Coots — the star of the show – got bit by a snake and died. Coots was bitten at church but died at his home two hours later, after refusing medical treatment “because of religious beliefs.”

Here’s a One-Hour Special Presentation from National Geographic on Pastor Jamie Coot’s life and times. 

Handling snakes is practiced by a handful of fundamentalist crazy churches, based on an interpretation of certain Bible verses that say true Christians should be able to handle serpents without being harmed.

Okay then.

How do you top people playing with deadly snakes every week? The producers are faced with a real challenge here. Fortunately, there’s no end to the possibilities. Nothing is too stupid, or dangerous, to get good television ratings.

Snakes are scary, but compared to sharks they look cuddly!


Handling Sharks for Christ.

Simple concept.

Two true Christian contestants wade out into shark infested beaches. When a shark is found, one of the contestants has to pet it while reciting baptism rites for the other contestant bobbing up and down nearby.

To win, both contestants must be able to swim back to land on their own power. In the case of a tie, the contestants who found the biggest shark and had the fastest baptism times wins.

This new National Geographic Channel reality show will feature dolphin, and human, judges. The producers are hoping it lasts more than one season like Snake Salvation. I wouldn’t bet on it, but who knows?

Stay tuned.

Time for me to walk on down the road…


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