Thursday, April 2, 2015

Conservative Christians: ‘Relax, No One’s After You in America’

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There are countries in this world – Pakistan for instance – where it’s not safe to be a Christian. Christians are marginalized and treated like criminals across the middle east.

Thank God then, if you’re a Christian in America where you’re treated with respect and protected. The First Amendment protects Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindu’s, Buddists, etc. al.

When I see a law passed that pretends to defend the Christian faith by rationalizing injustice against people that are not approved of by the church, the hypocrisy sickens me. Somehow, I don’t see Jesus as being that judgmental. 

When Indiana’s Gov. Mike Pence signed the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act he effectively sent out the wrong message to the world, “Indiana is NOT an all inclusive state welcoming everyone – just the opposite!”

The new law has the potential to undo decades of progress toward greater equality.

Social conservatives say their fight to preserve their beliefs is to protect what they say is religious freedom, arguing that Christians or people of other faiths who oppose same-sex unions should not be required to take actions that could be seen as condoning gay marriage.

"Christian businesses and individuals deserve protection from those who support homosexual marriages and those who support government recognition and approval of gender identity (men who dress as women)," reads a message praising the new law on the website of the Indiana group Advance America, whose executive

Pence and Indiana lawmakers rejected the idea of inserting provisions into the law that would have specifically added protections for people who are gay.

The interstate backlash to Indiana's new religious freedom law is growing even as state lawmakers move to clarify the legislation, with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray vowing to issue an executive order this week banning city workers from taxpayer-funded travel to the state.

The Seattle mayor's statement is the latest boycott threat to emerge over claims that the law has the potential to discriminate against gays and others.


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One last thought: If Christians can get away with discriminating against the LGBT community because it goes against their religion, what about the other religions, and their laws? Like Sharia Law. Muslims who don’t want to obey the secular laws in our country could fall back on this new law.

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