Thursday, May 8, 2014

Get Lesson Plans for What You Want to Know on Learnist

Good Day World!

You feel like learning something but you’d rather avoid a Wikipedia binge on knowledge you never knew you wanted.

Next time try Learnist – a user-curated library of beautifully organized, though utterly random knowledge. See my board on How to Create Landscapes Using Watercolors.

Learnist topics span tons of categories and cover everything from how to make a living as a freelancer to conquering food cravings and beyond. Users curate boards of knowledge in a Pinterest-like fashion using sources from the Web. You can even design syllabi by grouping articles together.

Peruse thousands of lessons for free or indulge in premium content from experts like Olivia Wilde and Gus Van Sant at just $0.99 a pop.

Learnist isn’t without the oddities that make Wikipedia fun. Articles on taking perfect selfies and my board on why people eat dirt will entertain any dilettante or idle browser.

Sure, you may still binge on Learnist. But at least you’ll emerge equipped to solve a Rubik’s Cube.

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