Monday, November 4, 2013

Venomous spiders found in supermarket bananas!

Brazilian Wandering Spider (© Apex Photo Agency/Rex Features)


Consi Taylor was halfway through a banana when she saw a white spot on the skin, which she thought was a patch of mold.

That thought is gross enough, but then the "spot" burst open and baby spiders started scurrying across the fruit (and here's where we threw up in our mouths a little).

The British woman told the staff at Sainsbury's supermarket about their spider-infested offerings and they gave her a $15 coupon. But when she sent a picture of the spiders to a pest-control company, things got REALLY scary.

Taylor was told that those unwanted little nasties could be Brazilian Wandering Spiders, which have been called the most venomous spiders in the world. According to SKY News, those particular arachnids can be "extremely aggressive" and a bite from them can "trigger loss of muscle control, breathing problems, paralysis and eventual asphyxiation."

Sainsbury's not only apologized to the family, but put them up in a hotel and paid for their entire home to be fumigated. So, apples are pretty great this time of year, huh? [Source]

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