Sunday, September 29, 2013

McDonald’s WTF Menus Around the World!

    Good Day World!

 If you think McDonald's sells the same burgers and fries everywhere in the world, think again.

 Concessions to local tastes is the way McDonald’s has been able to become the biggest fast food business in the world. Here’s just a few examples: 

In Singapore (Left), the national obsession with rice extends to having rice cakes in your burger! Try taking a bite out of this towering concoction!

When in McDonald’s Japan, try some Seaweed Flavored Fries and don’t forget to taste their yummy tentacle snacks! (Right)

Perhaps the biggest WTF menu item (Weird and Troubling Food) that can be found at a McDonald's is in the Philippines (Left).

They have McSpaghetti on the menu, which of course you’d expect in Italy, and the way they make it is rather unusual.

 A Filipino friend explained to me that it was incredibly popular and basically consisted of spaghetti soaked in sugar.


(McSpaghetti screen grab, Philippines)

Let me repeat this: Spaghetti - Soaked In - Sugar!

Peas and potatoes make up the patty in the McAloo Tikki at McDonald's in India. Mickey D’s knows that cows are sacred, so they simply adapted. Let nothing stand in the way of making money! 

There’s a great travel site called Trifter which shows more international Mac food variations: among them guacamole (avocado paste) McPollo burger in Chile.

(McAlooTikki image via) (McPollo image via)

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