Monday, July 29, 2013

As It Stands blog: Scientists say Cavemen liked to get high!

              Good Day World!

If you’ve ever wondered about how long ago man first “goting stoned” …wonder no more. Apparently cavemen got creative when doing psychedelics which doesn’t surprise me in the least.

“There's something undeniably surreal about early cave paintings, something otherworldly or even psychedelic. And according to a team of international scientists, that's because the cave painters were doing mind-bending drugs while painting them.

Researchers Tom Froese, Alexander Woodward and Takashi Ikegami from Tokyo recently published a comprehensive study of over 40,000 years worth of cave paintings and found some pretty telling patterns. The spiral-like and labyrinthian designs that pop up in paintings from locations that are thousands of miles away from each other didn't just pop up by coincidence. Since these patterns are consistent with those that many humans see after taking hallucinogenic drugs, the scientists think that ancient cavemen had more in common than previously thought. They all loved to get high.”

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Carl Hand-up said...

Haven't you been painting your cave, no nothing has changed

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