Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Where’s the beef? It’s here, but the cost is reaching stratosphere!

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Raising meat prices are a slap in the…pocketbook!

Good Day World!

My sons, who all enjoy displaying their barbecue skills during the summer are going to savor the flavor even more now, because the price of meat just hit a new high.

I’m thinking this may be the right time for me to go vegetarian. The price of food is so costly, especially meat, that I have to be picky about what I eat.

I suppose there’s millions of vegetarians and vegans out there cheering right now, and expecting new recruits into their fold!

Outdoor chefs are in for an unhappy surprise as the summer grilling season approaches: The cost to fire up a backyard barbecue is going up.

The price of wholesale beef hit an all-time high Friday and there is no indication it will decline this year. While the price of beef alone is up at least 5 percent, that summer cookout is going to feel much more expensive to any serious barbecue aficionado buying good-quality meat.” (Story)

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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