Friday, May 10, 2013

Today’s topic:experts say pets might lower your heart disease risk


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 Recent data just confirms what pet Owners have have known for years; you feel better having a pet around. There’s lots of good reasons why having a pet is so beneficial.

 The American Heart Association recently revealed research that indicated dogs not only lower your heart beat, they help reduce the risk of heart disease.

My 10 yr.old Pug Millie (below by stairs) has kept me heart happy! It doesn’t matter what the breed of dog, they all seem to have positive effects upon humans.

In the News:

They’re happy to see you when you get home, love you unconditionally and make you get up from the couch to take a walk. And there’s a growing body of evidence that pets can lower your risk of heart disease, too, the American Heart Association says.

The group says there’s 2012-04-09 16.02.06now enough evidence that pets are heart-healthy to justify an official statement summing up the evidence.

“The most data and the best data were on dog ownership,” said Dr. Glenn Levine of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, who led the committee that wrote the statement. “In no way are we discounting or dissing cats or other pets,” Levine added hastily.

The committee went through all the evidence linking pet ownership with lowered risk of heart disease. There’s plenty of it:

  • Dog owners exercise more than people who don’t have dogs and they’re 54 percent more likely to get recommended levels of daily exercise.
  • Stroking a pet can lower your blood pressure. Several studies show pet owners in general have lower blood pressure than people without pets.
  • Pet owners can handle stress better -- even when their pets aren’t around. (Full Story)

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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