Friday, May 17, 2013

Crazy big diamond sells for $27 million, & other diamonds in the news

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A pear-shaped colorless diamond that is the largest ever offered at auction sold for a record of nearly $27 million in a Geneva auction, where records were also set for the prices of pearls and sapphires, auctioneer Christie's said yesterday. (Story here)

Then there’s the story of the homeless Missouri man who returned a diamond ring and got $86,000 in donations for his good deed. (Story here)

The big news in diamonds of course was the huge diamond heist - $50M US stolen from a plane in Brussels by eight masked gunmen dressed up like police – in February. (Story here) But their luck ran out this month:

Belgium Says 31 Detained In $50m Diamond Heist

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Detroit woman finds mystery engraved diamond ring in her toilet

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