Friday, April 12, 2013

Today’s Topic: Eating Healthy Food at Fast Food Chains…really?

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The snack food industry is slowly, reluctantly, and stubbornly giving away to the growing trend of eating healthy. It’s no easy transition for any fast food chain that prided itself on serving up hot slop 24-hours a day with a catchy jingle.

But, with McDonald’s latest healthy choice meals, and Burger King’s new healthy meals, and Arby’s healthy meal menu, and Jack In The Box’s nutrition deals, the competition to serve up healthy fast food meals is warming up. 

On a conference call Thursday, CEO Greg Creed outlined what he called Taco Bell’s “role to play in providing more balanced food choices” as part of the brand's growth strategy.

Creed pledged that the commitment to offering more healthy choices will be “completely transparent” and “weasel proof,” saying Taco Bell wouldn’t, for example, lower the amount of fat in a dish but add more sodium to compensate.

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