Thursday, April 11, 2013

Memories Make Millions: Letter Sells at Auction for $6 Million Dollars!

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 Today’s topic is when words of wisdom turn to gold…literally.

 A 60-year-old letter in which biologist Francis Crick told his son about DNA's double-helix structure, weeks before the Nobel Prize-winning discovery was revealed to the world, sold at a New York auction on Wednesday for a record price of $6 million.

 Prior to that the highest price ever paid for a single signed letter is $3,200,000 (£1,932,600) sold on 5 December 2009 at Christie's, New York, USA, for a letter written by George Washington in 1787 to his nephew Bushrod Washington, urging adoption of the country's new constitution. The previous record sale for a letter by George Washington was $834,500 (£506,200) in 2002.

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