Friday, March 8, 2013

The Hero Project: A Documentary on Single Father Households

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Today’s topic is about single fathers who raise children. You seldom read about these men who take on the responsibility of raising a family alone. They are a small minority in the overall picture, but we’re still talking about over two million men across the country.

One of those single dad’s – Khaaliq Thomas - contacted me the other day. His story was compelling, and his project is an enlightening look at what men face when they raise children alone. Kaaliq’s hope is to inform the public about these dad’s – these salt-of-earths who take on the roll of Mom and Dad in todays society.

I support this great project and I hope you will to:

Arthur dressing Julian, who is his youngest son and also suffers from autism.

“After fighting for custody of my kids, experiencing my own difficulties with the courts and facing the challenges of a single parent, I was led to seek out others with similar stories.

I'm driven by the fact that single fathers need to be recognized for their unselfish commitment to their families.

The documentary is not focused on fathers of a specific ethnic background or economic status. The purpose is to examine the single father household in all of its many colors, variations and origins. From the tireless dad who fought for years to win custody of his kids to the widowed family that lost a mom. These stories will share with the world the dedicated ability, struggles and unconditional love of these fathers and the families they raise and nurture. GO HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THE HERO PROJECT

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