Friday, November 16, 2012

Join Me At Learnist: Learning and sharing have never been more fun


       Good Day World!

Today I’m going to share a new website with you, and I have a hunch you’ll become a fan after a few visits. Bold words indeed! But I stand beside them. Learnist was recently listed among the Top 50 Best Websites for 2012 by Time Magazine.

Farb Nivi, founder and chief product officer of the social learning company Grockit, calls the company’s latest product Learnist, a “multimedia collaborative interactive ebook for the future.” In my humble opinion, Learnist is a cool way to become an expert in a short period of time about nearly everything. So what exactly is Learnist? One user calls it “Wikipedia on steroids meets Facebook.”

The benefits of Learnist; let me count the ways:

1) If you’re a blogger and want to create more traffic (don’t we all?) then Learnist is the place to go. In two months I’ve increased my traffic from 22,000 visitors a month to 31,000 a month! It’s easy to create your own boards (this coming from a low-tech guy like me) and embed them on your blog. If you’ll look to the right of this page you’ll see what I’m talking about. The viewer can click on the top of the box where the topic is, and go to all of my boards on Learnist.

2) If you’re an educator looking for teaching ideas for students of all ages, then Learnist is the place to go. Expert contributors offer numerous ways to help teachers keep their students engaged. Nivi has been a leading advocate of social learning since his days as a teacher for Princeton Review and Kaplan, and the principles of collaborative learning form the underpinning for Grockit’s popular college test prep service as well as for Learnist, which is available both on the web and as an iOS app.

Users who sign in to Learnist (it says “By Invitation Only” but the company says anyone who clicks will receive an invite) can create “learnboards” to curate content on pretty much any topic they choose. (Topics are called “tags” at Learnist.) Users can also embed these boards on to their blogs, websites, or lesson plans.

3) If you just want to have fun and be entertained, Learnist is the place to go. Why? There’s Learning Boards full of places to go, from restaurants to professional sporting events. You can read about cruises, tours, and events happening around the United States and overseas. Check out what the experts think about your favorite spirits (there’s a Bourbon tour in Kentucky for fans) and where the best wines are in the world. Want to learn a new craft? There’s countless crafts available that allow you to become an expert in the one you choose.

Alrighty then! What are you waiting for?  Here’s a link to Learnist

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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