Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A bit soon to be collecting Twinkies: They’re going to survive one way or the other

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Twinkie the Kid’s ride into the sunset hit a hurdle Monday when Hostess Brands, unions and lenders agreed to mediation to try to save the company, and its spongy, yellow cake, from liquidation. If all goes well, the iconic junk food will survive and addicts can stop worry about it’s demise.

I’ve been amused by the public outcry over the possible loss of the lowly Twinkie. I don’t thing it was ever in danger of total extinction. as a matter of fact if Hostess Brands does go bankrupt that doesn’t spell the end of America’s favorite bad food to snack on.

If it comes down to bankruptcy and selling off their assets, a Mexican company may be ready to resurrect the golden Twinkies very quickly According to the Christian Science Monitor, while food producers ConAgra and Flowers Food, the American company behind Nature Valley granola, have expressed interest along with Little Debbie baker McKee Foods, Mexico’s Grupo Bimbo may hold the inside track to saving Twinkies from extinction.

However, it may not come to that. If the union and Hostess Brands do find a way to work together, then it’s business as usual and all the stores will once again be flooded with them. I’ve heard some rumors that people are selling Twinkies for crazy prices on the internet. The video above talks about how Twinkies became an instant collector item.

Mashable notes, there's also an individual Twinkie that is up for sale for $5,000.

"This is your opportunity to own a piece of history, a delicious piece at that," wrote the seller, who apparently lives in Raleigh, N.C., in the auction description.

The eBay user added that the Twinkie will be "protectively packaged and shipped to the winning bidder." Elsewhere on eBay, three boxes of Hostess Chocodiles are on sale for a more reasonable price of $89.95 and a box of Ding Dongs is being offered for $19.95.

But before you whip out your checkbook, remember that Twinkies and other Hostess treats may still have a chance at survival.

Some people claim that Twinkies can last forever. That may be true, but I don’t see myself sampling a ten-year-old Twinkie anytime soon. It just goes to show you people will collect anything! 

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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