Friday, July 27, 2012

Here’s the Top 10 Best Book Blogs for History Buffs – I think you’ll like them

As a history student, or someone who’s just interested in sneaking in a couple of history courses amongst your already packed schedule, you’re probably a voracious reader, independent thinker, and someone who’s constantly on the lookout for information that can help you with your research.

If you’re tired of visiting the library and sticking to official reading lists provided by your professors, try directing yourself to these book blogs that offer up all kinds of insight for history buffs, including book reviews and recommendations, military history books, books that deal with history and culture, and more.

Follow these book blogs to gain insight into the book industry, private lives of authors, and the environments, situations and cultures that impacted their writing.

  1. Maud Newton Blog: This blog comments on the book industry and shares news, quotes and other information highlighting the motives of authors.
  2. Paper Cuts: The New York Times book blog is a great resource for discovering new authors and learning about the latest releases.
  3. Biblio: Read Biblio for posts about publishing, reading lists, banned books, literacy, and more.
  4. Reading Copy Book Blog: Learn about authors and author trivia here.
  5. Mercurius Politicus: This blog is all about the early modern book industry.
  6. Joshua Harmon: This blogger takes a look at the publishing industry.
  7. Guardian Books: The Guardian’s book blog has a solid archive of history books.
  8. PhiloBiblos: This blog comes from a reference librarian who loves talking about used books, library archives, book history and more.
  9. Inside Google Books: The Google Books blog can help you with research tips and tricks.
  10. Lisa Gold: Research Maven: Lisa Gold shares research tips while writing about.
Want to see 90 more great blogs? No problemgo here.

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