Thursday, April 26, 2012

What’s with taking 6-year-olds to jail when they get rowdy lately? Two cases come to mind…

  Good Day Humboldt County!

This is what’s come of our education system; two recent cases of 6-year olds (one a boy, the other a girl) who were handcuffed by police and arrested for misconduct at school.

That tells me things are pretty much out of control in the schools when it comes to correct responses to children who act up.

Handcuffing and arresting them? Really? What’s next? Chain gangs for junior high students who misbehave? Where has common sense gone? I shudder to think how many times I would have gone to the pokey for acting up while in grade school! Of course, teachers and principals were in charge back then.

Now they’re so afraid of parents suing their asses off for the slightest infringement of that kid’s rights, they have to call in armed officers to restore order. The bottom line is, some educators are overreacting, instead of dealing with these rowdy children.

See what you think:

“Police in a small Indiana town hauled a six-year-old from his elementary school and charged him with battery and intimidation after he kicked and threatened a principal, police said on Wednesday.

The incident followed one earlier in April where police handcuffed a 6-year-old girl who was screaming and crying and had injured a principal and damaged property at an elementary school in Milledgeville, Georgia. She was not charged.

The Indiana student, who had been suspended from school recently for biting and hitting a staff member, was arrested April 18 at Hendricks Elementary School in Shelbyville, which is about 30 miles southeast of Indianapolis.

"This was not an isolated incident," Shelbyville Police Lieutenant Michael Turner said.

School officials called police, reporting that the student, who was not identified, had kicked Principal Patrick Lumbley and told him and Assistant Principal Jessica Poe that he was going to kill them, a Shelbyville police report said.

The student was yelling and screaming and lying on the floor of Poe's office when police arrived, the report said.” (source)

You know, acting like a 6-year old throwing a tantrum.

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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