Thursday, March 22, 2012

Smithsonian Channel’s ‘Titanoboa: Monster Snake’ is an Ophidiophobian’s worst nightmare

Artist's rendering of the colossal prehistoric snake Titanoboa cerrejonensis (© Jason Bourque/University of Florida/Reuters)


Don’t watch today’s TV special (Smithsonian Channel)if you have Snakephobia (Ophidiophobia).

If you happen to be a New York commuter with a nervous disposition about our slithery friends, then be aware there’s an exhibit today (and tomorrow) in Grand Central that may ruin your day!

A monster snake is setting up home in Grand Central. OK, so it's actually an accurate replica of the largest snake ever discovered.The 48-foot monster – weighing in at a whopping 2,500 pounds – will be on display in Vanderbilt Hall. Titanoboa is thought to have lived 65 million years ago.

Here’s a link with more information on the documentary and museum exhibition. I’m sure glad Titanoboa’s descendants aren’t as big…imagine any animal, or man, today trying to take one on!

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