Wednesday, March 21, 2012

‘Funny how Smart phones keep making people do dumb s**t’

I’ve heard numerous stories about people walking and texting with painful results. Some people have fallen down manholes, while others trip in pot holes, or off of curbs, or even walk right into buildings, parking meters, and stationary cars, but this is a new one to me:

“Bonnie Miller is speaking up about the dangers of texting while walking. The Benton Harbor woman plunged into a frigid Lake Michigan while trying to change an appointment on her phone. Thanks to Miller's husband and 19-year-old bystander Rebecca Van Zant, who both jumped in to keep Miller afloat until the Coast Guard arrived, the contrite texter is OK.

Tweeps are exasperated by the latest "Dumb Texting Tricks" episode, with @GongshowDuncs commenting, "Funny how smart phones keep making people do dumb s**t." On the plus side, Van Zant is even more determined to join the Coast Guard after recently failing the entrance exam by two points.”

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