Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There once was an ugly penguin...

Good Morning Humboldt County!

Glad you could stop by. Grab a cup of hot steaming coffee, or tea, and check out today’s special edition about a rejected penguin who gets a second chance. It’s a feel good story and a nice way to start your day.  

There was once an ugly penguin

(Left) A bird of no feathers flocks alone: A poor little featherless penguin born Aug. 17, 2011, was abandoned by its parents just days after its birth. An aquarium keeper said: "Its parents kicked it out from time to time, or even left it on the icy ground to let it die," according to Rex Features.

 (right) Keepers at the aquarium decided that the sad baby penguin's lack of feathers and weak condition were due to difficulties digesting food and absorbing nutrition.

(left) Spokeswoman Wang Dan said: "In the beginning we tried to send it back to its parents, hoping they would still take care of it and help it grow stronger, but they neglected it and even kicked it out. We then decided to feed it by ourselves".

all photos Quirky China News via Rex USA

(right)The keepers at LHT Pole Aquarium in China set up a penguin group to care for the youngster around the clock. After a month of hand-feeding, the little penguin was much stronger and, to the delight of keepers, even grew feathers.

It was then successfully reintroduced to its family group.”

I really enjoy positive stories about animals. I believe they are a very important part of our lives and their struggles and triumphs are worth sharing with everyone.

It warms my heart to see people help out animals. Just look at the smile on the woman’s face (right). The penguin looks pretty happy too. I wonder what they’re going to name him now that he made it?

Happy Feet?

Time for me to walk on down the road…


Anonymous said...

While I enjoy the story, have we not now introduced a penguin that will be able to reproduce and create even more babies with the same condition? So in saving one, haven't we just harmed multiple babies?

Anonymous said...

Its so adorable even though it did not have any feathers at the beginning ��

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