Friday, August 19, 2011

Space hotels, floating buses, and contest winner to live in an airport

Image: Commercial space station


It’s good to see you on this foggy morning. Grab a cup of coffee and check out these three stories I have for you. They’re all travel-related. My question with the Russians is how do they expect to put a hotel in space when they can’t even put a communications satellite safely in orbit?

They just lost a billion dollar satellite. That’s right, just lost it. I sure wouldn’t want to spend a night in one of their space motels…it would end up being the 21st Century remake of “Lost In Space!”

Russians tout plans to launch space hotel by 2016

“Russian firms highlighted their plans at the country's premier air show this week at Zhukovsky, outside Moscow, saying the race was on to build a new craft to take people into space following the retirement of NASA's space shuttle.

A hotel in orbit, lunar sightseeing flights and luxury rides into the cosmos — all are part of Russia's vision to ensure it is not left behind in the growing space tourism industry. An artist's conception shows a cutaway view of the commercial space station envisioned by Russian companies.”

Floating tour bus launches in Amsterdam

If you’ve got a long layover between flights, your choices at most airports are to eat, drink, shop or attempt to nap while sitting up − and without drooling.

But passengers with at least five hours to wait at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport now have a new, entertaining and amphibious option.

On Wednesday, after a month-long delay, the Floating Dutchman welcomed aboard its first paying customers.

Contest winner moves into Vancouver airport

Armed with a video camera and his skateboard, Jaeger Mah is moving into the Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

The 29-year-old Vancouver, B.C. resident won the Live@YVR contest to be an in-residence citizen reporter at YVR and, starting Wednesday, will spend 80 days – and 80 nights – without leaving Sea Island, the airport’s home.

Mah will get to sleep, swim and do his laundry at the on-site Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel and will have $50 a day for snacks and meals. He’ll also be paid about $15,000 when he moves out. In return, he’ll prepare regular video reports about what goes on at the airport, including behind the scenes, and share his observations on Facebook and Twitter.

Time to walk on down the road…

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