Friday, August 19, 2011

Pig-out! Meet Boris, the 550-pound porker who had to go on a diet

I thought my pet was a bit overweight, but Boris gives new meaning to porky!

If you ever complain about how much your pet eats, be glad Boris isn’t part of your family. This hefty pig has been put on a diet but he wasn’t always this size.

When his Australian owners first adopted him, they were told he’d weigh 150 pounds, at most. But when he exceeded expectations, tipping the scale at 550 pounds, his veterinarian said he needed to lose weight – STAT! Lucky for Boris and his owners, it seems like his diet is working.

But even though he’s dropped an impressive 70 pounds, the sneaky snorting genius has figured out how to raid the fridge! He can open the door, find the potatoes and even close the door behind him. Seems like someone needs to be put on a short leash.”

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