Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guess whose coming to dinner? Palin to dine with Trump tonight

Just in case you thought that Sarah Palin's press-goosechase bus tour of the I-95 corridor couldn't get any more surreal...

Just think about all the good campaign advise “the Donald” can give to Mama Grizzly as they devour a buck she killed the day before!

Trump can also give her some of his insights into attracting the media’s attention. His formula is very similar to most circus barkers – speak real loud and get the crowd’s attention by whatever means necessary. If it means embracing extremist conspiracies like the “Birther” bullshit then Trump is up to the task. It’s no secret Palin admires him and applauded his efforts to discredit Obama’s place of birth before he dropped out of the race.     

Of course, we all know this bus tour is nothing more than getting the mainstream press’ attention – one way or the other. She’s motoring around with her entourage in a colorfully painted luxury bus testing the waters to see if she should run for president. Which brings us back to the dinner in NYC. When it comes to making money Palin shines. Maybe the real reason for this dinner is she’s hoping to be on his stupid show. That way she could make some money AND announce her plans for running for president!

Meanwhile, I’m sure she’ll convince Trump she can see Russia from his back porch too. 


Social Networking Savings said...

It’s strange how the country with the highest concentration of academics could also produce such political goons as Palin and Trump and they get a following. You seem not to appreciate that you need right thinking people to lead.

ImBlogCrazy said...

I do understand that we need "right thinking" people to lead this country Social Networking Savings.

I just can't help mocking Palin and Trump because they're such easy targets.

I'm an irreverant commentor on the sad state of politicians in this country.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you stop by again.

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