Thursday, August 26, 2010

Guess who is going to reclaim the civil rights movement?

Glenn Beck University grad: double-major in Religious Studies and Hyperbole Science

Just when you thought you heard it all from Glenn Beck he comes up with shit like this. The sad part is, he has a willing (and extremely stupid) audience.

What’s next? No! Don’t tell me.   

Glenn Beck Says Obama’s Not a Muslin But a Perverted-Christian Whatever

Prominent theologian Glenn Beck has been busy hanging streamers and making his favorite Metamucil-infused punch in preparation for this weekend’s “Restoring Honor” rally, where he and Ted Nugent will reclaim the civil rights movement from the Ghost of Martin Luther King Jr. and riddle it with bullets. Beck says his festival is going to be “the Woodstock of the next generation,” as well as “the anti-Woodstock.” He’s also calling the event an “American miracle,” which sounds more credible than the Woodstock stuff given Beck’s an expert on religion.”
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