Monday, August 23, 2010

Carl’s Corner: A sampling of Dahlias from his backyard

20100821_29052 20100821_29057

My friend Carl Young has been having a lot of fun with his camera lately. He has over 200 varieties of Dahlias and about half are in bloom right now. The rest are late bloomers for a variety of reasons. One has been the erratic weather. Photos by Young.

20100821_29060 20100821_29069

20100821_29298 20100821_29295

20100821_29131 20100821_29037

20100821_29047 20100821_29274


Jendocino said...

What beautiful photos! Some of these look like sea stars. The colors are otherworldly!

Carl Hand-up said...

I think these Dahlias really improve the look of Dave's Blog

Anonymous said...

Nice job Carl, Beautyful

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