Friday, July 9, 2010

You Should Know Why Snakebites Are About to Get a Lot More Deadly

(Photo by Gerold & Cynthia Merker/Getty Images)

The cure for bites from North American coral snakes is about to disappear.

Find out why an unprofitable antivenom may end up costing lives.

If you live in Alabama, Arizona,Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, or Texas, you should know that unfortunately, after Oct. 31 of this year, there may be no commercially available antivenom (antivenin) left. That's the expiration date on existing vials of Micrurus fulvius, the only antivenom approved by the Food and Drug Administration for coral snake bites. Produced by Wyeth, now owned by Pfizer, the antivenom was approved for sale in 1967, in a time of less stringent regulation.


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