Saturday, July 10, 2010

Spy swap mystery: The one that got away

Image: Christopher Robert Metsos

I’m really disappointed at this whole spy story. We’re never going to know what those 10 Russians were spying on. How bogus is that?

There was so much potential, and then the U.S. and Russia suddenly made the biggest spy swap since the Cold War and in record time too!

But the story doesn’t have to end here. You can channel your inner Ian Fleming and come up with a much more interesting story line. See Sunday’s AS IT STANDS for more thoughts on spy stories.

Man vanished from Cyprus after being released on bail

The United States and Russia swapped 14 spies with precision, but one piece of the puzzle remains: The alleged spy who disappeared after posting bail in Cyprus.

Did he flee on his own? Get away with help from the Russians? Trick local residents into unwittingly aiding an escape? Meet some other fate

The spy suspect (shown here) who called himself Christopher Metsos vanished after handing over a Canadian passport that claimed he was 54 and got released on bail.

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